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Seasons Greetings from Fly High Stories

It’s been a fulfilling year at Fly High Stories whilst we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic. Throughout 2021 we’ve been developing our online and digital offer for schools and families, as well as supporting our creative teams.

Earlier in the year we delivered live, online, interactive performances of Together/Apart to schools, care homes and NHS families - it was so lovely to see and hear the audiences’ giggles while they helped Captain Phil, our stranded astronaut on the Starship Fly High, to get

back home to his family. We were so grateful to be supported by Watford Palace Theatre and Harrow Arts Centre to deliver these performances. You can read about them here.

We presented one of our (many) current projects in development at

the inspirational CMC conference’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is event (a bit like Dragon’s Den for children’s animation) and that has led to some VERY exciting conversations - watch this space!! We’ve loved learning more about Children’s Media this year and meeting some of the lovely folk who work in this sector at the various conferences and seminars we have attended.

One of our favourite projects of the year was “Little World, Big World”, a series of online meetings between children and people with interesting jobs - a mixture of chat, games and Q+As gave children who were stuck at home a unique window into other worlds.

We launched our #WeWorkKind campaign - 5 guiding principles to show that we put the wellbeing of our teams at the heart of our practice. Check it out and join in.

And we’ve also refreshed our innovative “Beauty and the Beast From Backstage” - this interactive audio drama is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story, told by all the folk in the theatre who the audience don’t usually see. Click and enjoy! We’d love as many people as possible to enjoy this offering so please do share with other folk who you think would enjoy it.

"Listen & Play!"

Our Development Slate for 2022 is bubbling over with exciting new projects - and we’re always on the lookout for new friends and collaborators, do get in touch if you fancy a chat. Here’s our brand spanking new company showreel!

Thank you for all your support in 2021, we're looking forward to more Fly High adventures with you in 2022.

Very best wishes and keep on #LearningThroughLaughing

Rachel & Jemma

P.s. Also check out some of our friends’ work this festive season

The Fir Tree at The Globe

Check out this lovely production at The Globe written by Hannah Khalil (one of 12 Tiny Plays writers) and designed by Sam Wilde (Fly High designer)

Snow from Tiny Light Theatre

This touring children's show is hopefully coming somewhere near you! Check it out here from a fellow #WeWorkKind company

Mrs Scrooge from Sarah Gain Productions

Written by Hannah Khalil (de ja vu!) ) was originally written for our 12 Tiny Plays project! Sarah Gain Productions turned it into an online digital treat, follow their journey on twitter as they develop it into a mash up of live performance and digital animation!



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