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Together Apart NHS

September and October 2020 (it feels like a lifetime ago) we ran a (we think brilliant) pilot digital show in 3 episodes called Together Apart in four schools across Barnet. Once a week for three weeks, classrooms dialled the Captain of Star Ship Fly High and through and through a series of games, exercises and interventions, they helped the Captain get back home again. It was a project about being alone, being together, and how talking about our feelings, and writing (both creatively and technically) can help us become more resilient.

“You just made me cry, bruv!” said the young man, his tongue firmly in his cheek. His classmates chuckle at his cod reaction to my sad poem. I chuckle too”

We loved it. The schools loved it. Our sponsors loved it. We hoped it would have another life but we were't sure what that would look like. Fast forward to now and Together Apart NHS will be airing this weekend for NHS workers and their families to enjoy as a one act show completely for free. Two shows for Two hospitals, Watford General and Northwick Park, supported by theatres Watford Palace Theatre and Harrow Arts Centre and then by our two sponsors, Gibbs Gillespie and Hillier Hopkins.

The show has had a face lift and it is AWESOME. Captain Phil is joined by our digital Supercomputer (played & created by the ever wonderful Chris Silvester) and via video Captain Phil’s Son also joins in, played by our FHS family actor Toby Barnett-Jones. There is a pre-show mission control deck with videos and games for our audience Cadets and then a post-show game which can’t fail to make grownups and kids together have a giggle! But no spoilers!

There are still places left for our 2pm show this Saturday 12th June for NHS workers of Watford General, so please do get in touch if you would like to come join us!



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