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Learning Through Laughing - April


We are delighted to announce that we will be working alongside Blobbies Bubble Bath, helping them to develop a unique podcast offer for young listeners - this is a continuation of our service work, which we are very excited to grow as a strand of our offer here at Fly High Stories.


After our whirlwind start to the year, April has taken a quieter path from beginning to end. With children off school for Easter / Passover / Norovirus, and a couple of bouts of Covid too, work has taken a backseat in favour of parenting, rest, and looking after our health (both physical and mental) - we take that VERY seriously at Fly High Stories.


We took the time to be inspired by one of our favourite shows The Home Edit on Netflix to do a big clean up of our development slate, our inbox, task list and filing system - as well as commissioning our favourite Website Wizard Chris Sylvester to redesign our website for us - watch this space, we’re very excited to launch it next month.


We were also so proud of Fly High Friend Arran Glass for successfully completing filming on his project Minim and Me (which we are supporting through our Project Management arm).


We continue to learn and develop our creative practice, supported by Magic Light Pictures, Screenskills, Create UK, Arts Council England and the Royal Opera House. This month saw us joining Women in Film and TV and Women in Animation - we’re keen to make new connections


As April gasped its last hayfevery breath we’ve had a few very exciting Zoom calls about some of the projects on our development slate - looking forward to sharing some amazing news in the upcoming months.

We at Fly High Stories always love to chat about new projects and collaborations. Do please drop us a line HERE if you’ve got a project you’d like to chat to us about.



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