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Life in Cartoon Motion: Our first (animated) steps

When everything ground to a halt and our inaugural theatre production (as well as all our other work) was cancelled overnight it was a bit like being punched in the stomach and winded. It took us more than a moment to catch our breath, regroup, and work out our next steps. 

Somewhere in the midst of this we were approached by force of nature film producer Elettra Pizzi who suggested that our show would make a rocking animation. 

So, when Arts Council England announced their Emergency Response Fund we put in an application to create a short animation inspired by the stage show, and, along the way, learn some entirely new skills. 

Fast forward several months and include a large number of Zoom calls, a larger number of script, sound, and image drafts, more Slack messages than anyone can count, and a few very early mornings and late nights and we have our first attempt at producing an animation. 

We have, as individual practitioners and as a company, learnt a huge amount. We’ve met some incredible new collaborators. And, most excitingly, we have plans for the future which will continue to nourish us creatively and also (hopefully) provide gainful employment for a number of freelance creative professionals. 

We hope you enjoy the short film and, if you have little ones at home, then we hope they enjoy it too. 

Aerodynamics for pre-schoolers - no problem! 



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