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Learning Through Laughing- January 22


We hope you’re reading this somewhere warm and comfy.

It’s been a busy start to the year for us here at Fly High Stories. Stay tuned for our monthly news roundup.

Beauty and the Beast from Backstage - we had a great response to our festive offering with over 2500 visitors from all over the world going to our site, clicking and listening along. It’s still there if you’d like to revisit the Panto Magic!

Create UK - Accelerate Film and TV

We were delighted to be selected as one of the 2022 cohort for this brilliant programme.

Our first session with leader Dr Angus Finney was very inspirational indeed and we left with a huge list of action points - starting the year off very productively!

Development Slate - after two years of coming up with A LOT of different ideas we’ve been taking some time to work out which ones to take forward (No Rachel, "ALL OF THEM" is not a valid answer). So the next few months are likely to be a whirlwind of updating pitch documents, writing script outlines and style decks and generally dreaming about some of the beautiful projects we’ll be making just as soon as we find that magical tree which grows money!

Project Management - thanks to the wonderful Arts Council England - we are supporting two of our best Fly High Friends with their projects in the newest strand of our company Project Management . Arran Glass (our wonderful composer friend) is producing a puppet, musical, bread baking music video and Sam Wilde (our wonderful designer friend) is making a series of workshops and a website to encourage more people to get creative with cardboard. We’re so excited to help Sam and Arran to keep their projects on track - lots and lots of spreadsheets needed!

Screenskills - Writing for Animation - Rachel was over the moon to be picked to participate on this course run by expert Children’s TV writer Myles McLeod. Having some time to focus on her craft as she moves from playwriting to screenwriting seems like the ultimate necessary luxury (or luxurious necessity). It’s also super lovely to be in the room with lots of other writers with a passion for creating great content for young audiences.

NT Connections - Jemma meanwhile is continuing her fabulous work for the National Theatre’s Connections scheme and will soon be zooming around the country visiting youth theatres and supporting them to create brilliant productions for the NT Connections Festival.

We’re excited about:

We at Fly High Stories always love to chat about new projects and collaborations. Do please drop us a line HERE if you’ve got a project you’d like to chat to us about.



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