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Chocks Away! Artsdepot Residency for Fly High Stories


We are beyond delighted to have been chosen as one of the companies supported by the artist residency programme at artsdepot in Autumn 2019. Check out the full list here,(link) what a wonderful line up to be included with!

As well as receiving a two week residency for us to undertake a period of research and development on our next project (Fly High) the lovely people at artsdepot are also providing seed money, mentorship, encouragement and (hotly anticipated) biscuits on Wednesdays.

We, Jemma ( Director - hiya!) and Rachel (Writer-hello!) have both worked on various projects at artsdepot in the past and are over the moon to be back in a familiar location with a brand new, and very exciting, project.

As freelance artists it’s all too easy to feel adrift, making work that you’re not entirely sure if anyone else wants or needs (no matter how much you believe in it yourself). Having a venue opening their doors and putting their time, money and resources behind you is a huge extra boost to your confidence in your practice and a kick in the bollocks to the imposter syndrome that lurks around every corner.

We intend to use our time at artsdepot to thoroughly workshop a new script by Rachel and musical score by Arran. Jemma’s background in developing new writing will ensure a comprehensive and rigorous attack of story, dramaturgy and dialogue, whilst Rachel’s extensive background in Theatre For Young Audiences will keep us accessible, age appropriate and hopefully ready to embark on a national tour in the autumn of 2020.

Our themes are aerodynamics and friendship and, to check our science we aim to work with a science communicator with expertise in both the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curricula as well as in physics and mechanics - we’ll do another blog post about that relationship in due course.

To say we are excited about our residency at artsdepot and creating this new show would definitely be an understatement.

We have founded Fly High Stories to tell new stories to family audiences with a focus on confidence building and using growth mindset techniques both in our creative process and onstage. Our own confidence has certainly taken flight thanks to the lovely people at artsdepot inviting us into their home to take to the runway for the first time!

Chocks away!!!!

Jemma & Rachel



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