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Beyond the Stage Podcast with Jemma Gross

Episode 1: Beyond the Stage podcast with Jemma Gross. A Learning & Engagement Podcast

During the podcast we talk about STEM and STEAM, arts education and making theatre with learning intentionally at the heart of the process.

The Beyond the Stage podcast is brought to you by the Learning & Engagement team at Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT). The podcast aims to inspire and inform young people and professionals to pursue and learn about the arts, igniting conversation amongst industry peers. The programme focuses on Arts Education, Careers, Community & Access and Professional development.

Jemma Gross is a theatre and film director and Co-Founder of children’s theatre company Fly High Stories with Rachel Barnett-Jones. Fly High Stories creates accessible theatre to captivate children and their grown-ups. Their first show Fly High will be touring the UK from September 2020.

Singapore production details:

Recorded at: KC Arts Centre Presented by: Paul Adams, Learning & Engagement Manager. Produced by: SRT Learning & Engagement.

“Music “Quirky Moment” from Purple Planet:”



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