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Fly High Stories

Project Management Services 





Welcome to the Fly High Stories Project Management Service where we take our company mottos of ‘Learning Through Laughing’ and ‘We Work Kind’and apply it to the needs of your production.

We are rich in experience from our varied professional creative careers and from our time working together at Fly High Stories. Between us we have decades of practical, professional experience in creating and producing work for families on stage and screen, and we would love to share that experience with you.

As part of our service we can;

  • create easy to understand, using transparent language, letters of agreements and / or contracts

  • provide easy to navigate budget management sheets 

  • Set-up regular budget meetings to keep you on track and in the black!

  • offer bookkeeping support

  • Give advice 

  • Negotiate on your behalf

"As an outside eye I can be a sounding board for any internal or external conflicts or concerns as they arise."- Jemma

"I am Queen of Spreadsheets! Maths, budgets, accounting is my happy place and I will make it yours as well" - Rachel 

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Our Core Values

Fly High Stories creates work that:

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Interested in working with

Fly High Stories? 

Would you like more information about how working with us could benefit you, your team and your next stage or screen production?

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