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Fly High Stories

School Possibilities 







Fly High Stories Projects, is an education and entertainment platform for children between the ages of 4 - 12yrs. We provide workshops online and interactive events with an emphasis on growth mindset and confidence building.

Our Platform provides four different structures:


Free to use

Free to access no

sign-up required


Fly High Free

Free to use. Sign-up is required to access additional benefits


Subscription Needed

Requires Payment before use

and Sign-up is required


School Exclusives

Workshops built specifically for schools only 

Why use Fly High Stories for the Classroom?

Working with Fly High Stories provides a lot of benefits and rewards. It's free to sign up and access to some of our workshops and courses. 

We work in close partnerships with schools to bring tailor made workshops and interactive events to help with the learning process of KS1 and KS2. 

We are committed to making work which can be enjoyed and understood by young audiences everywhere.


Our Core Values

Fly High Stories creates work that:

Opens up the possibilities of ‘play’ for children and their grown-ups

Looks at 'BIG' ideas & begins a conversation

Helps adults to discuss BIG ideas with Children

Reminds others of JOY and FUN

Inspires critical thinking through stories, song & art

Encourages & empowers children to feel excited and make big decisions about their future 


Interested in working with

Fly High Stories? 

Would you like more information about how working with us could benefit you and your children? 

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