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Growth Mindset








Increasingly adopted by primary schools in the UK as an educational philosophy, growth mindset is a way of helping young people talk about and process their emotions. There is also an emphasis in teaching young people that rather than saying, ‘I can’t do it’, they could say, ‘I can’t do it YET’. Fly High is grounded in these principles, showing our young audiences how to navigate their ‘big feelings’.

How Growth Mindset is used in our show FLY HIGH 

In our story about two people meeting, becoming friends, and building a flying machine from

objects they find in the park, learning about aerodynamics as they go, they use the principles of

growth mindset. Flight works both literally and metaphorically to show how we can ‘take off’,

enjoy the process of experimentation, and become our very best selves. With our two characters

they literally take off and reach the stars, but the message to our family audience is that you can find the fun in ‘trying again’.


How we implement Growth Mindset in our company and in our work...

We believe that creating a new piece of theatre, film, or animation is essentially growth mindset in action - we start with a blank sheet of paper and our intention is to create an entire new (theatrical) world. Our rehearsal journey is littered with false starts, and second, third, fourth, and fifth attempts - we promote a nurturing and open environment to encourage all our creative practitioners to develop

and experiment, in order to bring their best versions of themselves to the creative process.

Suggested Further Reading

  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S.Dweck

  • The Growth Mindset Playbook by Annie Brock

  • The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel

  • Beautiful Oops by Barney Salzburg

  • What Do You Do With an Idea? By Kobi Yamada

  • How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

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