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Fly High Stories is a dynamic new voice in the sector of children’s media content. Writer Rachel Barnett-Jones and Director Jemma Gross are the co-creators of Fly High Stories and are passionate about creating accessible, engaging and heartfelt stories for screen, stage, online, games and audio - stories which children AND grown ups love to watch and play TOGETHER. All of Fly High Stories’ work can be defined by our one guiding principles, ‘Learning Through Laughing.


We started life as a touring theatre company focussing on making high quality work for family audiences in the UK and abroad. In 2020 we re-envisaged ourselves as a company making original IP for all sorts of platforms. Supported, so far, in our work by Arts Council England, CreateUK, National Lottery Community Foundation, artsdepot, Harrow Arts Centre, Watford Palace and many other brilliant individuals and organisations.


We currently have a very exciting development slate of unique ideas which we can’t wait to share with audiences world-wide. We are in conversations with some major broadcasters and production companies and would also LOVE to talk to YOU (whether you’re a broadcaster, distributor, or creative freelancer, or are someone interested in our work), get in touch at



Fly High Stories

Rachel Barnett-Jones

Rachel is a prolific children’s theatre writer with 20 years of experience and over 60 commissioned plays, musicals and operas under her belt. As an educator she has delivered countless workshops and lectures to children of all ages on topics including creative writing, theatre producing, public speaking, and fundraising. As a producer (and mentor) she has worked on and supported numerous productions, nationwide tours, and international projects. 

Whatever the project, Rachel puts the audience at the heart of her work, with emphasis on charting and respecting their emotional journey through the story. With a particular skill in making educational content interesting inspiring, and fun, Rachel is now taking her writing and producing experience into the world of Children’s Media. 

Rachel has a specialist interest in empowering children to understand the science behind their Big Feelings through stories and songs.

Photo of Jemma Gross
Jemma Gross

Jemma Gross is an award winning screen, stage and audio director with over 40 productions under her belt. She directs with passion and wit and specialises in working with new writing and developing writers. 

Jemma’s previous work has been commended for her keen eye for visual style and energy flow both through individual scenes and pieces as a whole. She is an expert dramaturg and crafts narratives both through text and visuals. 

At the helm of a team, Jemma leads by putting kindness and common sense at the heart of everything she does with many talented creatives keen to work on her projects due to the spirit and sense of comradeship which she evokes.

Jemma has a special interest in bringing live and digital work together, and with Fly High Stories, creating work that empowers and encourages grown ups to plan, watch and learn with their children through laughing.



Core Team

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