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Warm You Up


Arran Glass

Warm You UpArran Glass
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In 2020 when the pandemic hit and the theatres closed, we (Fly High Stories) thought that our dreams were finished before they’d even begun. With a cancelled run at the Singapore Repertory Theatre and no hope of fulfilling their autumn UK tour we were ready to put our company into mothballs. However through perseverance, 11 months later we have worked with and supported 80 freelance theatre, film and animation practitioners, not only giving them work and much needed income, but also reminding them that their talent and skills are needed and vital - and that we’ll get through this with grace by working together. 


One such artist was their Composer in Residence, Arran Glass.  We asked him to write a piece of music to accompany our 12 Tiny plays project and all the activities and scripts that they were commissioning. However when Arran delivered the track they were so blown away by its beauty, emotional core and relevance to our current situation that they decided to release it as a Christmas Single.


We all really hope you enjoy this song, and if you have the means to, please donate to Shelter. 


As an additional thank you from us, please also check out the 12 Tiny Plays Project, our festive calendar filled with fun activities for families this winter. 

Warm You Up  

Song Credits: 

Written and performed by Arran Glass 



Rebecca L Hearne - Vocals 

Ru Lemer - Music production 

Kit Massey - Strings 

Tom Sutton - Guitar 

Mastered by Nick Watson @ Fluid Mastering 


Music Video Credits   

Filmed and edited by Robin Willingham 

Puppetry by Arran Glass 

With Josh Elwell and Karolina Czyz 

With thanks to The Staff, team, parents and children of Green Bank Forest School   


Pear O'Legs 

Fly High Stories is thrilled to be working with Pear O’Legs Records on Warm You Up. Pear O'Legs has three main goals in supporting musicians: building a community of artists who might otherwise not have been able to release the amazing albums they create, keep grassroots live music thriving and through that help nurture the independent music venue scene.

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This song is part of the 12 Tiny Plays Winter Calendar. 

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