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As parents, one of the things we've been missing is being able to give our kids the opportunity to talk to lots of different interesting people. We're all missing those surprising little interactions because we know sometimes they can spark our inquisitive children's imaginations.  
So, we have decided to curate a series of 'meetings with interesting people' - LIVE: Suitable for children aged 4-10 - a short interview followed by a Q+A session and then a game to really spark the mind! 
Time to meet our interesting people please select who interests you and get started!

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  • Yianni: Shoe Shop

    Thursday 21st January 2021 at 2pm

    Come and meet Yianni and find out all about running a shoe shop specially for children, he even designs his own shoes! Find out about the funniest shoe he’s ever seen, the smelliest feet, and whether or not he can tie his own shoelaces!! There’ll be a chance to ask him questions about his life in the shoe shop and we’ll also play some shoe shop games. (Yianni’s family run shoe shop is Precious Soles in Potters Bar - )

  • Sam: The Chocolate Man

    Thursday 28th January 2021 at 2pm

    Do you like chocolate? If so then come and meet Sam - he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about how chocolate is made - and he has some chocolatey stories to make your mouth water. Come with your own questions and also be ready to play some chocolatey games! Sam works for high end food company Classic Fine Food and is a good friend to us at Fly High Stories.

  • Elyse: Photographer

    Thursday 4th February 2021 at 2pm

    Say Cheese! No not the food, but to the camera! Meet photographer Elyse and find out all about taking photos of people, places and things you love as your job! Find out about the funniest photo she's ever taken, the craziest destination she's travelled to, and what her very first professional photo was! There’ll be a chance to ask her questions about her life as a photographer and how you can be one too and we'll play a photo-based game too! (You can see Elyse's photos

  • Natalie: Animaltastic Events

    Wednesday 17th February at 2pm | 45min Session

    Do you know what a bearded dragon likes to have for lunch? Or the shoe size for a millipede? Do you think a Chameleon and a Cat could be best friends? Find out the answers from Natalie who works & lives with these wonderful creatures and runs Wild Life Animaltastic Events where you can get to meet bugs, owls, ponies and many more! Who knows, maybe there will be a couple of surprise guests with her! Find her on Facebook and her new website is coming soon

    A Zoom link will be sent 30 minutes before the event

    Sessions are £5 per household. If you need a free space please email us at, we have you covered.

All sessions are £5.00 and places will be capped at 10 per session.
Waiting lists will apply if the session is full. £1 from every booking will go towards the Laptops For Young People Fund. If you can't afford the fee please email Rachel & Jemma  at (We've got you covered)
Login information will be provided to you 30mins before the session is due to start via the email you have provided us (normally your login email)
We will be using Google Meets for our Social interactions,
no additional signup will be required
If the session is full you can apply to join a waiting list. We use the Wix App to assign members to our waiting lists, so you will need to download the Wix App.
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Grown Up

We loved it! What a joyous way to get more human communication into our world in this weird time.

Grown Up

They enjoyed all of it- the chance to hear about the varied work or creations, the question time and the games.

Zach, Age 5

I discovered millipedes can scare off predators with gooey stuff.

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