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Like this project?? Want more plays? Please donate if you can (any amount).  We are a not for profit company currently using our reserves to fund AT HOME

The Emperor's New Clothes

Before you settle down to watch The Emperor’s New Clothes grab a piece of paper and a pencil - this short film requires some interaction and, we guarantee, is well worth it!


Click the little bars in the box to turn the volume up & for captioning, just click CC..... Enjoy!

"We were delighted when Rebecca Gadsby from Corona Resistance Theatre contacted us to share their desire to turn Morgan Lloyd Malcom’s script of The Emperor’s New Clothes into a short film with some of their ensemble of brilliant and talented actors.


"The Emperor's New Clothes as you have never seen them before! You can create multiple different versions of this giggle-fest of a play to suit every member of your family.  Get ready for some silliness and some bottoms!"


We asked Morgan to write her script as part of our ‘At Home’ project, providing fun scripts for families to act out together during the Lockdown. To date our scripts, and accompanying ‘set design’ and ‘write your own play’ worksheets have been downloaded nearly 1,000 times in 10 countries. You can download Emperor's New Clothes, as well as NINE other plays HERE.  We are delighted that one of the scripts will be enjoyed by even more people now, thanks to the awesome work of Rebecca and her team. 


The Corona Resistance Theatre was set up by Rebecca to help performers who, overnight, lost all of their income, with their mental welfare and resilience. The group runs theatre warm-ups twice a week, a relaxed play-reading once a week, and a skills session once a week. 


The theatre industry is in a pretty awful state at the moment, if you enjoy the performance and have the means please consider donating -  …


Any funds we generate will, in the first instance, be used for mental welfare; to pay for specialist skills sessions online (high-end theatre practitioners) and any particular equipment required for the sessions. If the work is successful, we would like to use the money to support actors in financial crisis by providing a wage for any work produced, and supporting more writers to create these pieces, as per our usual industry quotas.

If you’d like to know when our next collaboration with the Corona Resistance Theatre will be live, or about any of our other projects, please sign up to our newsletter. 


Thank you, and enjoy."

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