How do we find our creative teams? 

Fly High Stories is currently a small company, formed in April 2019, run by two experienced and jolly good theatre practitioners, Rachel Barnett-Jones and Jemma Gross, who care with their whole hearts about finding opportunities to encourage playfulness and joy. Not only do they run this company, they also run after their kids A LOT.


We wanted to write a word about how we find our collaborators  … Because funds (and therefore time) are short we have, to date, chosen our collaborators based on word of mouth recommendations. We have prioritised working with parents who are looking to get back in to creative work after a break and we run open rehearsal rooms and development spaces where children of all ages are welcome. 


This company is built on a need to bring some joy into the world and we are entirely focused on supporting all the artists we work with in as nurturing and caring environment as possible.  


          So with our latest project, AT HOME, how did we find our writers? And how can YOU get involved?


This project has two phases. ( We hope).


Phase one: get 8 fun scripts online for families, let the world (specifically families who may wish to use the scripts) know about them. 


Hopefully as part of this phase some people will choose to donate (although we’re committed to offering these scripts and resources for free)


Phase two: Have raised enough money to commission another 8 scripts.


For our first set of writers we made a list of some writers whose work we love and who we hoped would be supportive of us as we experimented with this project and got lots of things wrong before we got them right. 


However, for our second set of writers, we are open to new submissions and would love to meet some new people. If there’s anyone out there reading this who would like to write a short play for children and their grown ups to act out at home then please get in touch. Our email is    


We want to be as transparent as possible as a company, especially in these very strange times where work seems out of control, out of reach or simply just out of possibility. 


Stay Safe,  Stay at Home, Play At Home



With love, 


Jemma and Rachel 

Fly High Stories

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