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Bonjour! ... Une glace S'il Vous Plait!  I'd llike an ice-cream please! 

This is a very little French play for anyone who would like to try their hand at acting in a different language! Each line is written in French and then the English translation is below. Check out the video link to help with pronunciation.


“Writing your own play is as easy as 1,2,3 in this easy to follow workshop by Writer in Residence Rachel Barnett-Jones” 


"Dr.  Bossy Boots is a very, very important Doctor (and he knows it!) But he is also very, very rude. What will happen when one day he needs the help of those that he has treated poorly? Let's find out in this sweet tale for little ones celebrating our NHS doctors and nurses."

This year will be my 50th year in medicine and 40 years in the world of neurology. The changes in that time immense. We are still in the infancy of modern medicine as the current crisis has shown us. Our children and grandchildren are going to see the most remarkable advances in the future. As an NHS Consultant I was shortlisted  UK Hospital Doctor of the Year in both 1998 and 1999. I have since spent 20 happy years as a private specialist. I have seen something like 200,000 patients and worked with hundreds of colleagues.


Icarus and 'D' need to get out.  'D' has created another invention for them to escape but Icarus is not convinced.  Time to get your wings and imaginations on as you become part writer!   Rapping, drawing, and child teaching parent are all in this modern version of this amazing Greek tale.

Helen is a writer and director of theatre, opera and film. She has written many plays for children, including Bicycle Boy (a bicycle powered musical), The Nutcracker (Reading Rep), Splat (Greenwich Theatre), Dear Father Christmas (Oxford Playhouse and Soho Theatre) and the stage adaptations of CBeebies In the Night Garden and Bing.


"The Emperor's New Clothes as you have never seen them before! You can create multiple different versions of this giggle-fest of a play to suit every member of your family.  Get ready for some silliness and some bottoms!"

Morgan is a playwright and screenwriter.  Her stage plays include Belongings, The Wasp and Emilia which was recently nominated for the Best Comedy and Entertainment Olivier Award 2020.  She has two children and lives in Nunhead in South East London.


"What if there were other Pigs building houses out of other materials?  What if Straw Pig liked to tell stories and Rap a lot? What if they were all stuck inside and couldn't go out? Let's find out in this very noisy & very funny re-imagining of one our favourite tales!"

Andrew Barnett Jones is a writer and head writer on dozens of kids TV favourites including The Amazing World of Gumball, Mr Bean: The Animated Series, Numberblocks and Crackerjack!  

And use this Link for three voice over recordings for the Big Bad Wolf as voiced by Andrew! CLICK ME


"What if  the story of Little Red Riding Hood was told by little ones? Well let's find out in this glorious version using exclusively the words of 3-6 year olds! Giggles, yummy treats and hiding under jumpers are in this one as Little Red proves she's not so little after all!"

Sarah Argent is a freelance writer, director, & maker of theatre for the very young, specialising in theatre for babies and verbatim theatre using small children's words. Based in Wales, she works across the UK & internationally.


Singing, dancing, hide and seek are all a part of this adaptation of the lovely classic. A play to explore with your small ups themes of being together and caring for each other, all with a dash of magic! 

Anybody of any age can play any part, and any amount of parts! 

Vicky Ireland is a Mum and a Granny. She has always told stories; as an actor-teacher in TIE, as the presenter on BBC’s Children’s TV “ Words and Pictures”; as a writer of TV’s “Pipkins” and “Happy Families,” as the Artistic Director of Polka Theatre, and currently, as the Co. Artistic Director of A Thousand Cranes British/Japanese The


"The cupboard is bare, and it's definitely tea-time. What shall we make when we're all out of flour? A little play to read and perform at home for 2-5 year olds."

Hannah was the recipient of the Arab British Centre’s Award for Culture in 2017. Her stage plays include A Museum in Baghdad which ran at the Swan Theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2019/2020, Scar Test at Soho Theatre, the acclaimed Scenes from 68* Years - shortlisted for the James Tait Black award and Interference for National Theatre of Scotland.


"What if Wendy didn't follow Peter Pan? What if Wendy decided to have her own adventure? What if Wendy thought that being a Pirate would be a very cool thing indeed? For adventurers of all ages."

Rachel Harper is a Welsh writer and the co-founder of Missmanaged theatre. Her most recent play WELLINGTON 24 was commissioned by Lady Eleanor Holles school as part of their Write the Girl initiative. She is currently working with the BBC as one of their new welsh voices


"A modern re-working of the classic tale - comedy fairies, silly princes, an adventuring princess and one awesome ending! Written by Mum & son for family fun."

Rachel specialises in writing plays for and with young people, people with disabilities and community groups. She shares her time between playwriting, producing, workshop leading, lecturing, and playing with her little boy.​




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