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  • Christina
    " A brilliant afternoon teaching theatre at The Brit School where we danced, moved & reimagined fairytale script Three Little Pigs. Wonderfully silly to play & move over zoom! We carried drum beat with pens & discovered theme song
    & movement for character! Wonderful & playful script! Also highly recommend Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm's script too with reimagining of Emperor’s new clothes with Mad lips fill in section. Each script brings joy & creativity."
  • Sabina
    "“My daughters, who are aged eight and five, have been rehearsing Sleeping Beauty. For most of the time, this is a child-led and child-organised activity. They both enjoyed watching the film about how the script was written and thought about plays they might write and how stories are told. Selecting this play and rehearsing it has given the girls an opportunity to develop many skills. They had to cooperate and make democratic decisions about the allocation of parts, select music and spend time thoughtfully organising costumes from what we already have at home.”
  • Hannah
    "“The opportunity to write a tiny play for Fly High Stories came at a key lockdown moment for me. Having had two London runs of my plays cancelled I was feeling very despondent and the call to do this little project diverted and inspired me. I have never written for this age group and it is something I have long wanted to do. The glow this project casts will be far and wide - not just for us artists involved but also families who have used the plays as a way to transport themselves and their children out of this strange situation for a short while.”
  • Helen
    "At a time when all freelance work was being cancelled, or postponed, it was such a joy to be asked to write something new for Fly High Stories. The task of writing something which can be performed by a family at home was really interesting - making it challenging while accessible, and creative but deliverable. I was also mindful of all the questions about the world that are going around children’s heads right now, and trying to make the play respond positively. With all theatres closed for the foreseeable future, Fly High Stories are right to be encouraging us all to rethink how theatre can be part of our lives - this is a great way."
  • Prashanthy
    “I feel very honoured to be invited to the dress rehearsal of FLY HIGH at KC Arts Centre. Seriously the best Kids theatre i have ever seen….addressed emotions, the principles of flight, physics and to always say sorry when you are wrong. Fantastic play with an incredible soundtrack.” Prashanthy, Singapore, Lawyer and Mum of 2 boys (4 &7)
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